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One-page Website Design


Beloved Friends,

I´m happy you found your way here. This is an invitation for YOU, your creativity and your passion to come forth and shine in a very simple way. 


One-page Website Design is a concept for you who wants a personal and vibrant website, that is easy to manage by yourself. My loving intention is to highlight the essence, the love and the beauty of what you want to share with the world. Maybe it's your first website? I will happily guide you through the whole process, step by step in a fun and creative way. Welcome to contact me for any questions you might have! 

With Love

Linda Eriksson

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What can a One-page look like?

Check them out below! You are looking at one right now, actually most websites can be supported in this way due to the built-in variations. My vision is to support your unique expression whether it is music, art, dance, food, massage or whatever your passion is to be shared with the world in a simple joyful way so it can be available for others to enjoy.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"I feel very grateful that I choose you. You have the ability to highlight the essence, the love and the beauty of what I want to share with the world."

- Åshild 

Nature In the Middle

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the possibilities

I`m offering you three different packages designed with varying levels of interaction with the world. Included in all packages is always the Basics which is basically "the technical stuff". The options and up-grades are many and your One-page Website can easily expand whenever your offerings or business do. If you have a special need and wonder if it is possible to integrate with this concept - book a short meeting with me and I`m happy to find a solution for you!

With small efforts you will be able to manage your interactions and events, some of them even from your mobile phone, so that your website will always be alive and up-to-date. Check out the possibilities below!

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Share your Passion!

Whats included?

- Basic package

- Share your offerings, 1-3 categories

- Share who you are!

- Gallery with graphics or video

- Testimonials (if you like)

- How to connect directly with you

299 Euro + VAT

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Share your Events & News!

Whats included?

Everything in Package 1;

+ Designed integrated function with 1-3 events or blog


+ Possibility to share your events in any social media stream as a unique link


+ Share your latest Insta or fb-posts directly on your website for updates

366 Euro + VAT

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Invite your Friends!

Whats included?

Everything in package 1 & 2;

+ Invite your friends to your Sign Up-list directly on your website

+ Pre-designed automated welcoming email 


+ Pre-designed Newsletter to communicate more personal with your supporters

444 Euro + VAT

What Others Say...


"Many thanks Linda it has been incredibly nice, inspiring and joyful to work with you. I have felt joy, lightness and curiosity throughout the process. I feel very grateful that I choose you."

- Åshild, 

Nature In the Middle

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"Thank you Linda for an absolutely fantastic job with my website. You make everything so easy. And you're great to work with. It is always easy to communicate with you about the whole picture and details. You are fast and direct the work forward. Thank you very much! "

— Carin, InMovement


"So warm, empathetic and professional! Lovely and fun to create with you Linda, Im so satisfied!!"

— Helene,

TonaIn - music, yoga & art

About me!

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I find a lot of joy to weave and bring ideas into form. Creative, simple, soft, clear, warm, brave and cheerful are other people's sayings about me. Dedicated to embody the highest potential of my soul, in training together with sisters and brothers from all over the world.  Technology in harmony with nature I believe is very exciting and eco-houses are of great interest. Educated in permaculture and eco-cultivation.

I nurture a longing to connect and weave people's potentials together. I live partly in the south of Sweden where I love hanging out with my son. Love travelling the world to be in service to the New Earth on various places on Gaia. Climbing, kayaking, design, hiking, swimming are things I love, as to snorkel with whales. Yoga, silence and meditation are my foundation and life base.

"Such a beautiful meeting. It touched me deeply to feel Lindas beautiful loving way. So softly you guided me Linda. What a lesson to collaborate with such ease. I'm with tears in my eyes. Thank you!"

- Elizabeth

Animal Communication

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Book your Website here

Connect with me via messenger, email me or simply book a short meeting online for booking, questions or to share about your offering and passion!

Are you interested in a website especially designed for you outside this concept? I do that too, welcome to ask me!


Linda Eriksson