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...for your Amazing Website!


I'm really looking forward to co-create your new website together! Here are some steps that will guide you in how to compose the content in a easy way. Also how the "technical stuff" works. Connect with me if you have any questions or need more guidance.

Content - texts and graphics

Outline and writing texts

Introduction - write a few welcoming lines as an invitation to you and your offerings

Short intro to your gifts

Your Offerings - up to three units

Coming Up! - highlight an upcoming event/offering 

About You - who are you?

Testimonials - a beautiful way to add value and love


What else...

Name on your website

External links to social media

Contact information (email, phone number, address)

Logo if you have


Photos and video

Share the photos you love, no need to crop/adjust, that is made by me

If you have any preferences for which photo to use as banner, representation of your offerings, of yourself etc, please share

Video is also welcome (youtube, vimeo or as mp4)

When you feel that your content is ready to go, please email me!
Then we meet to check in for questions, guidance, tips and essence.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Domains and Plans

A domain name is the web address for your website.


Do you already have a domain? Then you need to ask your webhotel for assistance to connect your domain to your new account on wix. I will help you out by giving you a pre-written email to forward with all the parameters needed.


Searching for a new domain? Step one is to check out if its available. You can do that here for example:  

Where to purchase your domain? There are many different webhotells where you can purchase a domain, wix is one of them; or Ballou are a few others.

Price can vary depending on prefix, but around 13 Euro + vat per year

Note 1: Wix offers a 1 year free domain voucher for yearly plans (not valid for domain prefix `.se`) 

Note 2: Some webhotel offer a package including services as office, cloud etc - you do not need this, only purchase a domain. If you like an email-adress based on your domain-name this can of course be added. 

About wix webhosting


Which Wix plan should i choose? Wix offers free webhosting but with ads appear on every page. Read more about free vs. premium site here. With a premium plan wix ads are removed and you can connect a personal domain to your site, receive premium support etc. For a One-page Website I recommend the most basic Website Plan called "Combo".

Whats included in the Website Plan "Combo"? 

  • Connect your own domain

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Remove Wix Ads

  • Get a 1 year free domain voucher (yearly plans only)

  • Get 3 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth

  • Upload up to 30 minutes of video

Read more here.


What is the cost?

Premium plans may differ depending on your geographic location and billing cycle.

In Europe the cost is currently

Yearly: €8.50 x 12 months OR Monthly: €12.00 / every month + VAT

Happy to co-create with you Beloved!

Linda Eriksson

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