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Webdesign, support & more

Welcome beloved healers, teachers, light workers, sacred artists and beings of light that are here to be in Higher Service with an inner calling to weave the New Earth into form. NOW IS THE TIME!

If you have a project, a quality to bring into manifestation within the New Earth – I`m honoured to support you weaving it into form. Whether you aspire to share healing sounds, light codes, a new yoga form or you are taking your first steps on your path in manifesting your soul´s mission, please let me know what I can do for you. 

A part of my soul mission is to support New Earth cocreators to spread your light codes out in the world. This is my joy, my passion and a small part of my contribution to weave the New Earth into form and to share my love for our beloved earth and humanity.

Book a Inspiration call with me and I´m happy to share more > 

Linda Eriksson

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"I feel that you have blessed the start of this journey with your beautiful energy. Keep doing what you are doing, it will benefit many and I notice that you also have fun which is so important. Thank you so much for your soft, patient and professional guidance I am so happy with the design and layout, it is absolutely perfect!"



Mandala Retreats

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Seeing me, my gifts and how this comes into form in colors, words, pictures and essence and your way of tuning into the love that wants to be brought out, is what I find extra unique with you. I feel your huge love and support for sisters and it mirrors in the work you offer."


Passionate Chocolates


"You have the ability to bring out the love and essence I wish to share with the world. I have felt joy, lightness and curiosity throughout the process. Many thanks Linda it has been very nice, inspiring and joyful to work with you. I feel very grateful that I chose you."


Nature In the Middle

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"Thank you Linda for an absolutely fantastic job with my website. You make everything so easy and you're great to work with. It is always easy to communicate with you about the bigger picture and details. You are fast and move the work forward. Thank you very much!" 



Some of the projects

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


My intention is to offer various ways to weave your services into form; creative solutions, personal guidance, websites, marketing, social media graphics, landing pages, flyers and more.

Let me know what you need and we find a way for you!

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About Linda

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Linda has a unique way of tuning into the love and the beauty that wants to be brought out, seeing you, your gifts and how this comes into form in colors, words, pictures and essence. She sees opportunities and creative ways for all needs and has a huge love and support for the clients which mirrors in the work she offers. She is working fast, communicates with clarity and gives focus to both details as well as the higher purpose. She guides with a soft, passionate heart in a field of joy, ease and curiosity.

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Welcome beloved to book a short, free call with me if you want to know more about the service I offer and how I can support you to weave your project into form! You can also connect with me via email or messenger.

Contact me to know more


... for more information and upcoming events!

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Linda Eriksson

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