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SOME GUIDING STEPS... for your amazing website

I'm really looking forward to co-create your new website together! Here are some steps that will guide you in how to compose the content in an easy way. Connect with me if you have any questions or need more guidance in how to optimise the outline for your needs.


1. Introduction - write a few welcoming lines as an invitation to your offerings to awake curiosity

2. Gallery - photos and/or video for visible introduction to you or your offerings

3. Short intro to your gifts

4. Your Offerings - general description of up to three units. It could be i.e. three price packages, products or sessions

5. Coming Up! - clickable integrated function or blog with up to three units i.e; sessions, events or more detailed description about something. These units will receive unique links for you to share separate on social media if you wish.

6. About You - who are you?

7. Testimonials - a beautiful way to add value and love

8. Instagram or fb-stream - your latest posts will be shown on your website

9. Contacts - how to connect with you or where to find you

The above is a guide to receive a flow on your upcoming One page website. The order or the headlines will of course be adapted to your specific needs. Remember to try to keep the texts short if possible.


Name on your website

External links to social media

Contact information (email, phone number, address)

Logo if you have


Share the photos you love, no need to crop/adjust, that is made by me

If you have any preferences for which photo to use as banner, representation of your offerings, of yourself etc, please share

Video is also welcome (youtube, vimeo or as mp4)


Please share if you have any preferable colours, symbols, favourite item, flower or anything that you feel is carrying the essence of what you wish to send out to the world. Good to know is that the colours of the main photo/banner or logo will normally set the colours for the rest of the page.

When you feel that your content is ready to go, please email me!

Happy to co-create with you Beloved!

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